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Chopard Replica

This is an elaborate movement. It's just one of many pieces in Chopard Replica's archives. It shows how Jaquet has been creating sophisticated movements involving birds, music, and time for quite some time. Chopard Replica, a team made up of enamellers as well as engravers, continues to draw inspiration from these traditional chopard fake watch techniques to create stunning pieces of art.

Closeup of the engraved case for Tropical Bird Repeater

The Atelier

Chopard Replica's seven skilled craftsmen and women are young for such traditional work. This is a good thing, considering their incredible work. The atelier is full of youthful energy and vitality,fake watch as reflected in Jaquet Daroz's vibrant pieces. This type of work is only possible when people work closely together: "We all collaborate closely on each of these pieces. Heidi said that we can communicate with each other if something isn't working or how we can improve it.

Four of seven artisans were busy at work on the Tropical Bird Repeater. This is Chopard Replica’s 2018 best-seller. One artisan was engraver and detail worker on the hummingbird feathers. Another was painting the feathers of the peacock. Two were engraving 18-Karat gold cases with detailed sketches next to their workstations. "We all engrave the same design but do it in our own ways," said one of the engravers. Each person has their own tools, which we often make by ourselves, and each interprets the same design in a different way. It's all very fine details. I could easily identify who did what case by just looking at the engraving.

It was evident that this type work requires passion and a lot of patience. The engraver was almost done with one side of the case. This alone took two weeks. She was now getting ready for the next side.Rolex Datejust Replica We asked her if it was ever difficult to focus on such small areas. She smiled and said, "Yes, it does." This would be a similar sentiment to Heidi's.

Workplace engraving

Christian Lattmann, Chopard Replica CEO, spotted us as we were leaving Chopard Replica headquarters with our notebooks full of notes, and a camera filled with photos. We were extremely enthusiastic in our praises and he asked us how we enjoyed our visit. He smiled and beaming with pride, "I'm glad you heard it. It is always our goal to 'emerveiller’ our visitors." We were indeed amazed.

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