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Heidi*, a petite blonde who wears protective glasses and keeps her eyes focused on the task ahead of her, adjusts her goggles to cover her face. She then opens the oven door and carefully slides in a small, metal grill that contains a tiny blue disk. The dial for uboat replica’s Baselworld 2018 novelty, the Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara, is that blue disc.U-Boat fake It's a watch with an enamel "plique-ajour" dial. This technique uses enamel with a special base to look like stained glass windows in great cathedrals. She sets her phone's timer for two minutes. This is the third firing of the dial, and the last of her going through the process.

uboat replica Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara Tiger in blue

She explained that enamel's delicate nature means that the glass powder must be filled in the metal frame of the dial. In this example, the face is shaped like a tiger's head. The oven temperature is 700 degrees Celsius. However, the powder must adhere to the metal frame. Heidi will fix any gaps between the enamel or the frame, which is common due to the way enamel shrinks when it cools down. This process takes several rounds. Heidi makes sure that all gaps are filled and that the enamel is the right consistency. This is a detailed and lengthy process that can be affected by even the smallest changes. "Anything can influence the result -- the humidity, the weather outside or my mood," she says. Heidi,swiss replica watch uboat replica and the entire La Chaux-de-Fonds team of artisans work in a controlled environment. She continues, "You have to think about all the factors that can influence the outcome of the dial. In the 18th century, craftsmen did this type of work over fires, and had only their instincts to help them. It really is an art."

Miniature painting with the Tropical Bird Repeater

This antique bird cage dates back to 1775

Two minutes pass and the timer rings. Heidi then opens the oven door to remove the dial. As she slowly removes the dial's grill from the oven, a wave of heat is released. The dial, which had been uboat replica covered with powdered glass, is now translucent and she sets it aside. My untrained eye cannot spot any gaps. It's almost like the colors are alive! This is a centuries-old technique.

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